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Subs Vs Dubs

Video games, movies, and other forms of media are being translated into other languages due to the media’s growing globalization. The two dominating ways of translation are dubbing and subtitling. Most users ask why dub is better than sub. Some customers stay true to the actual language quality with the subtitling option. They say that subtitling keeps the experience of the content intact while giving them ease. In this article, we will cover the differences between dubbing and subbing, as well as the advantages and disadvantages for viewers and players.

Subtitling Vs. Dubbing

Dubbing is the process of adding voiceovers in the target language instead of the original audio, while subtitling involves written translations or captions being added below the screen. There are benefits and drawbacks to both of them. Let’s examine each one to see how they function.


Sub, which is short for subtitles, adds written translations below the screen display while the original audio remains unchanged. This lets the viewer hear the original voice acting, sound effects, and music. The advantage of subbing is that it preserves the original content’s authenticity, providing viewers with a more immersive experience.

Rockstar Games is a great example of a studio that subs its games. They prioritize the user experience and want players to hear the best original voice acting. However, the shortcoming of subbing is that the player may need to read the translations and miss out on some of the story’s visual elements.

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Dub, short for dubbing, involves replacing the original audio scene with voiceovers of the language in question. So, dubbing gives the viewer room to follow the game without reading subtitles. It also allows for greater accessibility to those with difficulty reading subtitles, such as those with visual impairments.

A drawback to dubbing is that it may not be as unique as the original audio, resulting in a less immersive experience. Some viewers may also find that the voices do not match the characters’ appearances or personalities, leading to a less satisfactory experience.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series is an example of a good dub but its success depended on the language used. For instance, Assasin’s Creed Unity game has a good French dub that portrays the French atmosphere it takes place. The same goes for the Ezio trilogy, whether the Brotherhood or Revelation as they perfectly depict the Italian atmosphere. However, most games failed at translating the original voiceover into their dub. One such case is the Cyberpunk 2077 game by CD Projekt as players argued that there were many differences in the text and voiceover in all languages used.


Both Sub and Dub have benefits and drawbacks. However, the translated text, the intended audience, and the cultural context ultimately determine whether subbing or dubbing should be used. If you want content in the original voice acting with subtitles, the Tolma4 Team makes this possible. Our team of professionals can help you improve your user’s gaming experience through our subtitle localization services.


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